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Ad Analytics and Reporting Service
Capitalize on the Future of Advertising with
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, presents a unique opportunity to establish a cutting-edge Ad Analytics and Reporting Service. This domain is not just a web address; it’s a strategic investment in the future of advertising intelligence.

  • Precision: The name itself signifies a niche specialization in ads, promising precise analytics and insights.
  • Memorability: Short and impactful, is easily remembered, ensuring repeat visits and referrals.
  • Authority: Owning a domain that directly corresponds to your service enhances credibility and authority in the industry.
Industry Trends & The Shift in Ad Spend:Stats for Infographics: is more than a domain -- it’s the gateway to becoming a leader in ad analytics and reporting. It’s an asset that will align with the digital trajectory of advertising and set your service apart as a beacon of innovation and precision.


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Create Compelling Content Using Industry, Platform, and Demographic Trends
According to, boomers love their linear TV:


Boomers is the biggest audience watching linear broadcast TV, as adults 50+ -- the Boomer and Gen X generations --dominate linear TV viewing. Of this 50+ population, 95% watch TV. Adults aged 55+ were 16% more likely than the average adult to watch broadcast TV on a weekly basis.

Adults ages 35-54 spent up to 26% of their total TV time watching traditional TV.

Young adults, ages 18-34, are the generation that’s least likely  to watch linear TV. While this demographic represents nearly one-quarter (23%) of the TV Universe in terms of minutes watched, this population spent only 9% of their total watch time tuning into linear TV.

The youngest generation, ages 2-17, accounts for about one-fifth (21%) of time spent watching TV, but they spend significantly more time watching streaming TV, and only 7% of total minutes with linear TV.

Of those who watch broadcast TV, 60% are white, 56% male, 44% female, 22% Latino and 21% Black.

Source: Kevin Keegan, "Biggest audience demographics you can reach with TV ads" (March 2023,
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